We are Happy to Announce Imam John Starling’s Return to GCLEA in February!

As many in the community know, in August of this year, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim John Starling, Imam and Executive Director of GCLEA took a leave of absence from work to pursue international dawah/humanitarian efforts in Tanzania.   During his 6-month stay in Africa, he assumed multiple roles to lend his experience and expertise in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He was appointed as interim-CEO and Shariah Adviser for a mid-size holding company as well as Executive Director of a private Islamic Endowment.  Along with his work, he volunteered for several organizations including the Tanzanian Yemeni Professional Foundation and Dar Es Salaam University to deliver lectures and workshops about Islam and management.  He was also invited to the Islamic Foundation in Morogoro to record a 6-part lecture series to be aired on both TV Imaan and Radio Imaan.  During his spare time he also taught Islamic studies privately to a small number of students. 

After an enriching experience, Shaykh John’s mission in Africa has come to a close.  We are happy to announce his return to GCLEA in February to resume his role as Executive Director along side our Imam, Shaykh Rashid.  Both are looking forward to working together and have been in conversation discussing a very robust plan to lead GCLEA to the next level and beyond! We are very excited to have Shaykh John return and look forward to him sharing his experiences with the community.