The book of Allah is a source of divine guidance and its powerful words also serve as therapy for the heart and soul.  To better serve the spiritual needs of our community, on a limited basis, we offer Qur’anic ruqya therapy. Sessions typically last 30 minutes and are performed by our Religious Director Shaykh Rashid Ahmadi.  After participants complete an initial registration form and self-assessment, Shaykh Rashid will hold a consultation to determine if ruqya therapy is right for you and what course of action is recommended.

The following policies should be noted:

  1. An initial registration form and waiver must be completed and signed.

  2. All therapy sessions will be conducted in accordance with the Islamic tradition.

  3. All participants are to be accompanied by a family member or a close friend.

  4. All female participants are to be accompanied by a male mahram (immediate relative i.e. father, brother, uncle etc.)

  5. Ruqya session will not exceed 30 minutes.

  6. Service charges are $95 per session (facility usage fee).

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us during regular business hours.