Beginning of Ramadan

Based on the moonsighting, the center will announce the beginning of Ramadan with the first night of Tarawih prayers. Please join our email list to receive an immediate announcement. We will also be announcing the beginning of Ramadan via GCLEA Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Tarawih/Night Prayers

Insha Allah, for the month of Ramadan we will be performing Tarawih prayers immediately after Isha prayer for the entire duration of the month. Prayers will be led by the our religious director Shyakh Rashid Ahmadi and other guests.

Khatm of the Quran will conclude on the 29th night of Ramadan, insha Allah.

We will also offer late night prayers in the last 10 nights of the month with accompanying suhoor meals.

2017 Ramadan Prayer Schedule HERE!

Iftar & Suhoor Sponsorship/Volunteer Team Sign-up

This year GCLEA is hosting potluck iftars.  All members and guests are invited to RSVP and sign up for a dish with the links below.  Sponsorship of supplies and clean-up is also available. Please note the following:
1. Potluck is by sign-up ONLY. No rogue dishes, please!
2. GCLEA is not collecting funds to purchase food. We will be collecting funds to support GCLEA operations and outreach programs (get ready)!
3. The center is available for private iftars by request. Contact to reserve a night.

We also need volunteers to help prepare the center for iftar, set-up serving stations, serve food, and break down the stations. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please sign-up for a time-slot BY CLICKING HERE!

RSVP & Sign up for a dish and/or donation with the links below.

Iftar 1, Friday, June 2

Iftar 2, Friday, June 9

Iftar 3, Friday, June 16

Iftar 4, Friday, June 23

Zakatul Fitr

This year we will be distributing zakatul Fitr to local families in need.  Distribution will be completed the night before Eid and will be in the form of food.  Please make arrangements to have your zakat at the center and ready for distribution at least 2 days before Eid.  We will not be distributing any zakat on Eid day itself.

Who has to pay Zakat ul-Fitr?

Zakat ul-Fitr is an obligation upon everyone who has more than enough food for the Eid celebration and includes all members of the household and must be distributed before Eid prayer!

To whom should I give my Zakat ul-Fitr?

Zakat ul-Fitr should be given to the poor and needy especially those who do not have enough food to enjoy the Eid celebration even if they’re your relatives.

Can I send zakat ul-Fitr to a different community?

It is preferred to distribute all forms of zakat in your local community.  If there are no needy people or people in more severe need elsewhere it is permitted to send it out.

How much is due this year?

That’s easy, 1 “Saa`” of staple food per person.

A “Saa`” is equivalent to 2.5 liters of uncooked food such as dates, rice, wheat, corn, etc.

1 “Saa`” is roughly 4 times this amount!

What if I don’t know anyone in need?

If you don’t know anyone in need, bring your FOOD donation to GCLEA by Friday night, June 23 and we will help you distribute it locally.

Eidul Fitr

Eidul Fitr will be announced on the 29th night of Ramadan based on the moon sighting. Announcements will be made by email, posted on Facebook and Twitter, and a message will be left on our phone service . Please sign up to receive our emails in the side bar.

Eid Prayer will be held at 10:00 am sharp! There will only be 1 prayer service! Please come early to find parking and assure your place in the prayer hall.

Eid Family Fun Fest