GCLEA Summer Camp 2016


Calling all kids ages 4-14! Are you ready?!

What are your kids doing this summer?  Register your kids NOW for the GCLEA summer program and give them a ton of fun at our center and in the sun!  YEAAAAAH!!!!!

We have prepared an action packed summer vacation full of surprises for your kids!

What to Expect:

On the first day of the program the kids will be assigned an age appropriate group and introduced to their adult group leader.  Groups will not consist of more than 12-15 kids.  Their group leader will explain the rules of the program and introduce them to some of the activities that we have planned for them. Below is just a sample of what the kids can expect this summer.

Top Chef Jr. GCLEA Edition:

Kids will be led in a group cook off. Each group will break into smaller sub-groups and made into teams. Basic recipes will be provided along with the ingredients and they will be asked to prepare for a taste test by a group of their peers and counselors.


Camp will include weekly separate swimming days for both boys and girls where they can enjoy the pool to themselves, under the supervision of lifeguards and counselors.

Outdoor Sports:

The GCLEA is outfitted with a turf soccer field, tennis wall, basket ball court, running track, and short nature trail. Kids will enjoy light instruction and training as well as team competitions and fun exercise. They will develop healthy habits and a sense of fair play.

Arts and Craft:

Groups will participate in designing and creating a mural which will be hung in the GCLEA center throughout the year. This project will have several steps including brainstorm sessions, initial draft, draft revision, and final copy. The groups will also be able to create arts and craft projects that they can take home!

Little Movie Makers:

Groups will write, direct, film, and star in their own short movie (5-10 mins) in duration. The groups will be assisted in selecting a theme and guided through the process of making a short film. The groups will prepare their film for viewing during the final week of the Summer Program.


2017 Program Times

The program will run Mondays through Thursdays from July 10 to July 20.

Program hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

***$5 per 10 mins late after 5:15 PM

2017 Program Rates

The GCLEA Kid’s Summer Program is one of the most affordable in the area. We are currently offering a discount for an additional participant.

GCLEA Members

1st Participant Additional Participant

Full Day: $345 Full Day: $320

GCLEA Guests

1st Participant Additional Participant

Full Day: $395 Full Day: $370

Optional Lunch Program: $95 for the entire program

The lunches will all be nutritious, Halal and yummy!

Kids should bring a bag lunch and snacks if they are not signing up for this option.

All checks should be made payable to GCLEA.

To learn about GCLEA membership click HERE!

Click here for online Registration.

Click here to download the program rules & regulations and registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ages of the counselors?

The counselors’ ages will range from 16-and up (High school / college age)
This program also has a director and program manager.

2. Do you know them personally or have you done a background check?

All of our staff are well known in the community with the majority from our Muslim Youth Group

The shuttle bus can accommodate 11 kids and will be driven by either
the Program Director, the Program Manager, a Group Leader, or the GCLEA Facility Manager.

3. What will a typical daily schedule be?

The kids will be in groups of 10-12 with 1-2 counselors who will lead
them in an array of activities.  Each day will be slightly different
and each group will have a unique schedule so that no 2 groups are
together except for lunch and big group activities like the weekly
movie. Groups will typically have 1-2 hour activities throughout the day including some of the above mentioned activities.

5. Will there be any religious teaching (for example Arabic lessons,
Surrahs, etc.)?

This program is more of a “summer camp” than a “summer school”.  Religious
teaching will be in the form of mentoring and group discussion.  We will not
be holding formal classes.

6.  Field trips have always been a bit of a concern for me.  What
will the counselor/child ratio be for these excursions?

Each group will take at least 1 field trip during the camp.  The groups (10-12
in number) will be accompanied by the Program Director and their group leader(s). The
program manager will remain at the center at all times.

7. What will your optional lunch consist of and where would it be coming from?

The lunch will all be halal of course and either made on site by our
staff or delivered from a caterer in the area.  The menu will vary
from sandwiches and chips to chicken and pasta.  The price for the
added lunch is at cost.

8. Don’t you think this program is a bit expensive?

The GCLEA summer program is actually one of the most affordable programs in the area.  Below is a rate comparison with a few camps in the area.