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In attendance: Cherry hill township ( Council President Fleischer, Councilwomen Carole Roskoph, Councilwomen Carolyn Jacobs, Chief of Police William Monaghan, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Virtua Tarun Kapoor

Aim: To provide free compassionate preventative medical care for All with a particular attention to the uninsured and those unable to afford it- all while providing all the dignity and confidentiality. To provide a safety net for those who have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system.

Why: In the ever-challenging world of healthcare, we often encounter people who suffer debilitating preventable conditions as a result of unmanaged chronic conditions. It is disheartening when lack of access and affordability are to blame.

Did you know that 42 percent of population lives below the poverty line, with the average income hovering around $26,000? According to the CDC, Around us here almost 20% are uninsured. That’s 1/5 neighbors and friends!

The Muslim community is eager to serve our local community in this capacity with the collaboration of our neighbors and friends.

Need: 42 percent of population lives below the poverty line, with the average income hovering around $26,000

Services Provided:

  1. Sick Visits: we will function similarly to a primary care office
  2. Wellness visits: Medication refill, counseling and education on preventative care
  3. Chronic Disease management: Blood Pressure management, Diabetes, Asthma  management and more
  4. Routine Physicals
  5. Sub-specialty avaluation and referral- Cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology,
  6. Women’s health (NJCEED)
  7. Mental health Counseling
  8. Dental services in collaboration with Livewell Integrative Counseling
  9. Sleep Study from SleepEZ

Services NOT yet provided:

Emergency services


Pediatric care


Second Opinions

Duplicate Services

Chronic Pain Management


Hours of Operation: 1st Saturdays of the Month 9am-1230pm

Phone: 856 281 3032 (You may call for appointments but walk-ins are welcome)

Location: 5 Esterbrook Ln, Cherry hill, NJ 08003


Target Population:

All Uninsured and Underinsured in the immediate South Jersey Community and beyond.

• Patients referred from physicians, hospitals, schools, social workers, home health RN’s, clergy and others.

• Those in financial need

• Minimum wage workers

• People between jobs

• Single parent families

• People who are trying to get on their feet

• Those who are working two or three jobs

• Senior citizens who cannot afford medications

• Those who do not have any third party coverage

• Those who cannot afford private care



GCLEA (Gracious Center of learning and Enrichment Activities)


South Jersey Radiology

AZ Dental and Spa

A.Q. Modern Diagnostic Imaging

LiveWell Integrative conseling & Enrichment LLC


CVS Pharmacy

Sleep EZ


The Team of Volunteers

  • Volunteer Clinicians
  • Volunteer management and office staff
  • Other professionals
  • Medical Director: Jubril Oyeyemi MD
  • Operations Manager/ MA: Rashidah Khalifa
  • Physicians: Jubril Oyeyemi MD, Zubair Malik MD, Anjum Karim MD, Azmatullah Hussaini MD, Arif Hussain MD, Cardiology- Hafeza Shaikh MD, Dr Rahmatullah, Dr Steven Tepper, Dr Saheeba Nisar, Dr Satyen Govan,
  • Nurses: Bilkis Saliu, Hanan Bousada, Akua Twum, Taylor Cucchi, Asri Velly, Cheryl Menay Feliciano, Meredith Olsen Clapper, Kimberly Carman, Meg Mcmanus
  • Medical Assistant: Rashidah Khalifa, Jessica Krumm,
  • Pharmacy: Almamy Sesay PharmD, Iman Aberra, Najmul Binnat
  • Counseling: Judi Laskodi
  • Registration: Kate Brandley


Local religious center (Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Temples)

Local Community Associations

Local Hospitals

Ongoing effort


All donations from generous community volunteers which include hospitals, Clinicians, Masjid, Religious organizations, Service organizations.