Social Services

Civic engagement and social service is a crucial ingredient to maintaining a positive and vibrant community. Below are some of the social services that the Gracious Center of Learning & Enrichment Activities anticipates offering once it moves into its new location:

Food Pantry

Non-perishable food will be stocked in the center and provided to individuals and families who need additional assistance in these increasingly challenging economic times. Donations are greatly appreciated, in order to keep our pantry stocked and operational.

Emergency Fund

The GCLEA recognizes there are times when individuals and families face unexpected emergencies, which can lead to financial challenges. The center is developing an emergency fund which can provide limited financial support when a critical situation arises.

Information on Area Assistance Programs

The center will connect individuals and families to available community assistance programs and support services in the area.

For more information on the availability of these programs please contact us during regular business hours.