The Center

The Gracious Center of Learning and Enrichment Activities (GCLEA), a registered non-profit organization, officially began operations in 2010 with the intention of providing the Muslim Community of Southern New Jersey with a variety of services and programs which would see to their spiritual, educational, and social needs. Since its opening the GCLEA has been welcomed to the area with open arms and has seen exponential growth due to the nature of its services and programs. The GCLEA has become an integral part of the Southern New Jersey Community and hopes to continue to serve the area.

The GCLEA is currently located at:

5 Esterbrook Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Please stop by to visit our facility and enjoy our unique programs and services.

The GCLEA facility is over 9000 square feet with 2 large halls, 1 for ladies and 1 for men, a kitchen, library, kid’s room, and large restrooms for both men and women.

Interior Tour

Men’s Hall: The first thing you notice is the large open space of the men’s hall.  Equipped with a large “movie theater” size screen, projector, pulpit, and enough space for over 500 people, there’s not much this hall can’t handle.  Used for prayer services, lectures and presentation, indoor games such as soccer and badminton, and Kung-Fu classes, this space has become a community favorite.

Ladies’ Hall: The ladies’ hall is also quite roomy, with a capacity of over 100 people, and used for a number of programs and services.  This room is home to the ladies fitness program with its hard wood flooring and private setting.  Equipped with centrally connected TVs and audio and 2 private entrances this hall is perfect for the community women.

Library: The GCLEA library is one of a kind and has been coined ‘Halal-bucks’ due to its coffee shop feel and wide array of Islamic books and material.  Equipped with 2 computers, cable TV, and free WiFi, the library is the perfect place to read, research, hold small meetings, or hangout. Not to mention, its located right next to the kitchen for when you need to refill your mug! It also offers Islamic channels in English, Urdu, and Arabic. When visiting the Library please keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. Kids 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent.

2. No food or drink is to be consumed in the library.

3. All material must remain in the library.

Kid’s Room:   The kid’s room offers a fun place for our young community to play and socialize.  It’s equipped with a large flat screen TV with monitored cable channels, a Nintendo Wii, table soccer, air hockey, and a number of games and toys.  This room has been decorated by the kids themselves and their art work from various children’s programs.

Kitchen: The kitchen has become a community favorite for both the women and the men alike.  Fully equipped with oven/stove, microwave, full size fridge/freezer, toaster oven, pop-corn machine, and slush puppie maker, our kitchen is ready to serve!  In the early mornings you can catch the guys making breakfast and on the weekends the ladies are busy feeding everyone.

Wudu Stations: To bring convenience and Islamic design to the facility, both the men’s and women’s restrooms have been fitted with traditional wudu stations (foot sinks).  The facilities are always clean and fresh to enhance your GCLEA experience!

Exterior Tour

Men’s Entrance:  From the outside, the facility is very pleasing to the eye with lush grass and beautifully manicured vegetation.  The men’s entrance, which is handicap accessible, is on the rear side of the building just next to the sports fields. With ample parking and a well lit exterior, the GCLEA facility is welcoming both during the day and late at night.

Ladies’ Entrance: The ladies’ entrance, which is also handicap accessible, is located on the side of the building next to the bus stop and has 2 private entrance ways. Well lit at night and beautifully decorated with trees and flowers, the ladies of the GCLEA should find a pleasant experience both inside and outside of the center.

Basketball Court:  A favorite among the youth, the GCLEA full size outdoor basketball court is open all the time for practice and games.  Whether you’re looking to stay in shape or sharpen your skills, the court is ready for the challenge and of course located right next to the prayer hall for your convenience.

Tennis Wall:  Next to the basketball court is our tennis wall, also know as just “the wall”, which provides a great space to practice tennis or play a game of hand ball.  This court is fenced in which comes in handy for those still learning their game of choice keeping them from chasing the ball into the parking lot.

Turf Field:  Located next to “the wall” is our professional grade turf field!  It’s a great place to play soccer, football, or a fun game of tag with the kids.  This field is also fenced which keeps all objects and kids safely inside.

Floor Plan

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the center floor plan before your visit.