Center Policies

GCLEA welcomes everyone to attend any/all programs and events and asks that they adhere to the following policies.

1. Prayer is to be led by the Religious Director, Executive Director or their appointed assistants. In their absence the congregation is asked to wait 5 minutes before selecting the most qualified in recitation and knowledgeable of prayer rulings who is male, pubescent, sane, and apparently righteous.
2. The adhan and iqamah are to be called by the Religious Director, Executive Director, or their appointed assistants. In their absence the congregation is asked to select the most qualified among them who possesses knowledge of the adhan and its proper times and has reached the age of discernment, sane, and has a clear and loud voice.
3. All public announcements and addresses must have approval in advance by 3 days from the Executive Director.
4. All gatherings and assemblies in the center, whether formal or informal, must be approved of by the Executive Director.
5. Food is only to be consumed in designated areas.
6. All attendees are expected to maintain center cleanliness.
7. The solicitation of funds, the sale of goods, and distribution of printed materials on center grounds is prohibited.
8. Items left in the center are not the responsibility of the Executive Director, Religious Director, or staff.
9. Staying overnight in the center is prohibited.
10. Center property including books and mushafs are not to be removed from center grounds.
11. Attendees under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
12. Vehicles are not to be left unattended in the parking lot for more than 24 hours. Towing will be enforced.

If you have any concerns regarding these policies or would like to report an infraction please contact our Security Director, Abdul-Qadir Jelani by email;