Ramadan Rally 2017

150k in 30 Days

By the grace of Allah, GCLEA is growing. We need your support to keep doing what we do best, serve the community. Join us this Ramadan and make an impact that will last the entire year!

Let’s Do 6 More Years

As the only full-fledged Muslim community center in Cherry Hill, GCLEA has been dedicated to offering a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of the community for the past 6 years. By focusing on education, enrichment, and service we have been able to touch many lives in our local region and beyond.

In the past year alone we have successfully graduated 50+ young children from Islamic Sunday school, piloted an Islamic seminary program, Quran memorization institute, and Islamic pre-school, held several workshops for people of other faiths including the religion students of Burlington County College, offered sensitivity training to the Cherry Hill PD, provided chaplaincy services to 2 local hospitals, extended support to our local Syrian refugees, sponsored a team to participate in the “Breast Cancer Awareness Walk”, maintained an open food pantry, distributed $1000′s in zakat funds,  and championed Cherry Hill’s first free health clinic by providing them with ample space in our facility and funds to cover operational costs. We even managed to have some fun together in the process with our ladies brunches, family nights, and men’s annual ski trip!

By supporting this campaign, you will ensure that our work continues.

What We Need

To continue to grow and provide for the community we need your help to support GCLEA operations and outreach programs. Both our lean staff and dynamic team of volunteers are diligently working to develop new programs of interest and expand our reach. This year we are scheduled to extend our chaplaincy program to Rutgers University in Camden, enroll over 30 students in our full-service Qur’an memorization institute, further develop our Islamic Sunday school and pre-school programs, strengthen ties with local communities and agencies through continued participation in outreach programs, and offer a mentoring program to help lead our young people to self-discovery.

What Can I Do?

1. Give! Money makes the world go round. We hope you will see this opportunity as an investment and not a burden. We are looking for support from people like you who share our passion for service and excellence!

2. Spread the word. Share this campaign with family and friends.

3. Pray for us! We believe in the power of prayer and ask that Allah not only guides us to success but that He bless you and your family for all your continued support.